The Central Govt will celebrate the 21st of May as Anti-Terrorism day

New Delhi – Every year 21stof May will be celebrated as Anti-Terrorism Day. The Centre’s Home Ministry has sent this circular to all the States and Union Territories. An oath will be taken against terrorism in all Government offices and public places. As this year 21st of May is a holiday, the oath will be taken on the 20th of May.

The order says that in this manner, youth will be made aware to stay away from Terrorism and violence. They will also be informed about the Centre’s programmes to eradicate terrorism. Terrorism will get eradicated automatically; if the youth are on the right path.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is necessary to celebrate ‘Terrorism Destruction Day’ and not Anti-Terrorism Day. Strong steps must be taken to achieve this. Even now, terrorism has not been eradicated from Kashmir. Hindus there are still being targeted and killed, this must be taken seriously.
  • Everyone knows people of which sect are terrorists. So attempts should be made to pay attention to their activities and to change their mentality, only then will there be an early end to terrorism in the country.

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