English more valuable than Hindi : Tamil Nadu’s Education Minister

Chennai – English language is more valuable than Hindi. Therefore, Hindi should be optional, and not mandatory. Those who speak Hindi are engaged in menial jobs. Hindi speaking people sell Panipuri at our place, said Ponmudy, Tamil Nadu’s Education Minister. He was speaking at the convocation ceremony of Bharathiar University in Coimbatore.

Ponmudy further said that while English is already being taught as an international language, then why learn Hindi ? Tamil Nadu is at the forefront of education in India. Tamil students are ready to learn any language.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Compared to English, Hindi is manifolds sattvik. Still, Ministers are making such statements which show how deeply they are enslaved by the English.
  • By making such statements, the Ministers are polluting the people’s state of mind. Strict action should be taken against them.



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