Mumbai’s St. Andrews school teaches the Bible to its students

Mumbai – St. Andrews School, run a Byculla Marathi Chuch has organised a summer camp, ‘May 2022 Summer Camp’, between the 12th -22nd of May. The Bible classes will be taken under the name of ‘Vacation Bible School’. Since the majority of students in the school are Hindus, the camp should have been specifically organised for Christian students. The school has advertised that the camp is for students of all religions. The camp began on 12th May. Children of age 2 to 16 years will be allowed to participate in this camp. The school will provide everything for students. Local Hindus feel that the hidden agenda of this summer camp is to plant the seed of Christianity in Hindu students.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindu majority schools should be taught Bhagwadgeeta and not the Bible. The Hindus need to act against the Christian forces and lodge a complaint with the Department of Education !


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