Khalistan flags were found tied on the walls of Legislative Assembly in Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh

Dharmashala (Himachal Pradesh) – Khalistan flags were found tied on the main gate of the Vidhan Bhavan and slogans supporting Khalistan were written on the walls outside the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, leading to tension here. The Police removed the flags and wiped out the slogans. The area was tense after this incident. Police presence increased in the Vidhan Bhavan area to prevent any untoward incident. The Police have registered a crime in this regard and they are investigating the case with the help of CCTV. Police expressed that tourists from Punjab might have done it.

(Credit : Republic World)

BJP CM of HP Jayram Thakur said in a tweet since only Winter Session is held in this Legislative Assembly, there is not much security; the anti-social elements must have taken this chance.

We will not tolerate such kind of mentality. We are going to investigate this case in earnest and the guilty will be dealt with strictly. I dare the cowards to come in the open.

Editorial viewpoint

Khalistanis are heading toward the States of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The Centre should take action against them now and they should be stopped from creating hindrance to the integrity of the country.

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