Popular Front of India, a dangerous organisation : Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi

Chennai  –  Popular Front of India (PFI) is a dangerous organisation, and we should be cautious about it, warned Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi in a programme held to release a book titled The Lurking Hydra : South Asia’s Terror Travail.

Governor Ravi said that there were more than 16 Fronts of this organisation, which include the students’ front, a political party, the human rights front, etc. The only goal of all these Fronts is to destabilise this country. PFI is receiving funds from foreign countries.

USA and Britain had provoked the Naga people into demanding an independent Nagaland !

Governor Ravi said further that the USA and Britain had incited the Naga people into demanding Nagaland, as an independent country. The British wanted to create an independent Christian country in the North-East region above erstwhile Burma (present Myanmar); for which they wanted to take the help of the Baptist Church in the USA and the church in England. The USA had provoked the Naga people from Assam and created instability in the North-East region of India. The British wanted to join the North-East part of India to Pakistan, but the Nagas had opposed such attempts.

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