Ban imposed on using loudspeakers, raising slogans and processions within 200 metres of a religious place at Thane, Maharashtra

Thane (Maharashtra) – Thane Police have imposed a ban on crowding, raising slogans, playing musical instruments, singing, using loudspeakers without permission, taking out processions, and holding rallies within 200 metres of any religious places.

The shopkeepers have been instructed to note down the names, addresses, and contact details of individuals who buy loudspeakers from them. This ban will be in force till the 27th of June 2022, informed Dy Police Commissioner, SID Dr Sudhakar Pathare.

MNS President Raj Thackeray had appealed in a rally held at Thane to remove loudspeakers on mosques by the 3rd of May 2022. He had appealed to Hindus to use loudspeakers in temples and keep the sound higher than that of the mosques. Against this background, the Police have taken such preventive action.

Editorial viewpoint

If Hindus have to face such restrictions despite being the majority population in this country, then it is a mockery of democracy. Will such restrictions ever be imposed in any Muslim country on their Muslim population ?   



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