Raj Thackeray to reveal his next stance regarding loudspeakers after Eid

 (Left side) Raj Thackeray

Mumbai – ‘Do not perform Maha-Aarti anywhere on the auspicious occasion of Akshayya Trutiya as decided earlier. The Muslim community should also celebrate their Eid without any hindrances. We do not intend to cause any hindrances or obstacles to any religion during their festivities. The loudspeaker issue is not religious but social. Regarding the loudspeaker issue, I will further notify what we intend to do, via my social media’, Raj Thackeray tweeted on 2nd May.

At a public rally in Thane, Raj Thackeray had appealed to perform Maha-Aarti in temples on 3rd May if loudspeakers were played on mosques; however, the MNS said that it would take up the issue of loudspeakers after Eid so as not to put pressure on the Police.

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