Harish Singla, leader of Shiv Sena (Bal Thackeray) arrested

  • Violence in Patiala (Punjab)
  • Singla expelled from Shiv Sena
  • Hindu organisations call for Patiala Bandh
(Left side) Police arresting Harish Singla (Image credit : The Indian Nation)    

Patiala (Punjab) – Police arrested Harish Singla, the leader of the anti-Khalistan party Shiv Sena (Bal Thackeray). He was organising an anti-Khalistan rally in Patiala. Punjab will not be allowed to become Khalistan, said Singla. On the other hand, Punjab State President Yograj Sharma expelled Singla from the Shiv Sena, blaming him for anti-party activities. The Khalistan supporters damaged the Kali Devi Temple. After the violence, the Kali Devi Temple was closed to devotees. The entire area took the form of a Police camp.

The Hindu organisation Shiv Sena Hindustan calls for Patiala bandh

The Hindu organisation Shiv Sena Hindustan had called for Patiala bandh on 30th April. The anti-Khalistan march had nothing to do with the Kali Devi temple, but Khalistan supporters entered the temple and behaved disrespectfully, hurting Hindus’ sentiments. Pawan Gupta, President of the association, had called for a bandh demanding action in the matter.

Editorial Viewpoint

Police take action against those who oppose Khalistan, but they do not take action against those who support Khalistan. It confirms the allegation that the Aam Aadmi Party Government in Punjab is pro-Khalistan.

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