Pakistani madarsas spread terrorism in India : Report of a US organisation

Islamabad (Pakistan) – There are currently about 40,000 madarsas in Pakistan that are producing a large number of terrorists every year. These terrorists carry out terrorism in India. Pakistan’s Kashmir policy is still under the control of its army. This is the reason why no expert in Pakistan is talking about ending terrorism. American thinktank Baltimore Post Examiner has made these claims in a new report.

The report states :

1. Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had made a statement to please the Pakistani army. He had said, ‘We want good relations with India, but lasting peace is not possible without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute’.

2. Pakistan is an agricultural country, with two-thirds of the water requirement of its western part coming from the rivers of Kashmir. Yet, instead of following the laws, it adopted the policy of annexing Kashmir.

3. The UN Security Council had asked Pakistan to withdraw from Gilgit and other areas, but Pakistan did not accept it.

4. After 1956, Pakistan started disturbing the religious and ethnic balance in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

5. China is currently Pakistan’s only ally. China wants India to remain embroiled in the Kashmir issue and not pay attention to its illegal activities in Tibet and Xinjiang.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The US should not just publish the report, but also tell what action is it going to take against Pakistan !
  • Why can’t an organisation in India make such a report ? Why don’t they study in this manner ? The Government of India should also take such information and disseminate it globally !

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