Advocates applaud ‘FACT’ exhibition organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus

Exhibition organised in the Banaras Bar Association Hall

Advocates visiting ‘FACT’ exhibition on persecution of Kashmiri Hindus

Varanasi (UP) – On 19th January 1990, Pakistan-sponsored Jihadi terrorists massacred thousands of Kashmiri Hindus and raped thousands of Hindu women. It is almost 32 years, but the displaced Hindus have not yet been rehabilitated and they are still deprived of justice. The ‘FACT’ exhibition, which exposes the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus was organised in the Banaras Bar Association (BBA) Hall and was inaugurated by BBA’s Mahamantri, Advocate Ratneshwar Kumar Pande. Many advocates visited this exhibition. A signature campaign was undertaken to demand the creation of a separate region (to be called ‘Panun Kashmir’) which would be under the Central Government for secure rehabilitation of Kashmir Hindus.

Special feedbacks

1. BBA’s President, Advocate Dhirendranath Sharma, said – “This exhibition has created awareness in people including advocates. After visiting this exhibition, we have realised the cruelty Hindus had to face, which was so heart-rending and wrong”.

2. Advocate Ratneshwar Kumar Pande said – “This exhibition helps us understand the cruelty of the Jihadis in 1990. Such programmes should be organised regularly to create awareness.

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