Punjab University expels a Professor for offensive remarks about Prabhu Shriram

University’s prompt response to Hindus’ protests

Punjab – Gursang Preet Kaur, a Professor of Lovely Professional University in Punjab, has been terminated. The University took the above action after Hindus protested against Gursang Preet Kaur for making offensive remarks about Prabhu Shriram.

The audio recording of Gursang Preet Kaur making offensive remarks about Shriram had gone viral on social media.

In this audio recording, she says Ravan is a good person and Prabhu Shriram is a sly person. Ram is behind Sita’s abduction and Ravan was held responsible for no reason. Despite this, the whole world today worships Shriram.

Hindus started trolling Gursang Preet Kaur on social media. Taking note of this, the university fired her. The statement made by Gursang Preet Kaur is her personal opinion and the university does not support it, claimed the university.

Editorial Comments

  • Congratulations to devout Hindus for promptly registering protests through social media to prevent blasphemy.
  • It is unimaginable how the effect of offensive remarks about Hindu Deities made by professors must be affecting the minds of students.



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