I don’t know Ram and there is no Temple of Ram in the State : Jothimani

Claims Jothimani, a female Congress MP from TN


Chennai – A video of Jothimani, a female Congress MP from TN, saying, “I don’t know Ram and there is no Temple of Ram in the State”, has gone viral on social media. She is being trolled for it.

In the video, Jyotimani said, I go to a Temple every week, as my clan used to go to that Temple. It is ancestral worship. In many south Indian States and the States in the northeast, the tribals, SCs, Dalits, and OBCs have indigenous worship, basically ancestral worship. Jothimani also hinted that she never knew about Ram before coming to national politics but contradicted the same statement by saying I read Ramayan and Mahabharat, but I worship ancestors.

A social media user has reminded Jothimani of the Temples dedicated to Shriram in TN. He mentioned the names of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple near Trichy, Adhi Srirangam Temple at Thiruvannamalai, Sri Ranganathar Temple at Pallikonda, Eri Katha Ramar Temple at Maduranthagam, Ramanatha Swamy Temple at Rameshwaram.

Editorial Comment

For the last several years, the so-called reformists in Tamil Nadu have poisoned people’s minds by saying that Shriram is an Aryan from outside and the people of Tamil Nadu are the local Dravidians. Therefore, such statements are made by the Congressmen, who are obsessed with anti-Hindu ideals. That is why Jothimani is making such statements.



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