Inappropriate to consider a social discussion about sexuality obscene in the land of the Kama Sutra

The Head of MyMuse makes a statement against Indian cultural values

Our establishment promotes sexual freedom

Mumbai – There is a need to eradicate, immorality, shame, guilt and fear in the context of sexual relations in Indian society. Anushka and Sahil Gupta have said that although Indian land is associated with the Kama Sutra, it is considered inappropriate to have a social discussion about sexuality. The couple has set up an establishment called MyMuse, which they say will not offend those who buy sex-related products, but will encourage first-time users to use them.

He further said that the MyMuse establishment is promoting sexual freedom in society and is benefiting the younger generation in the cities. Launched during the COVID-19 period, the company now sells sex-related products in over 200 cities across the country. Many sex-promoting establishments are emerging today. He also said that the business related to sex is growing rapidly in India.

Editorial comments

  • Vatsyayana Muni has written a world-famous Sanskrit book called Kama Sutra (A Holy text on the art of love-making. Kaam (sexual desire) is only one of the four Purushartha (basic pursuits of life) prescribed by Hindu Dharma.  But Hindu Dharma emphasises that human beings should strive for Moksha which gives eternal happiness instead of indulging in material pleasures through Kaam. Surprisingly, today’s freedom and western thinking oriented people will feel close to the arbitrariness.
  • Even today, most of the Hindu society is abiding by Dharma (Righteousness).  In such a situation, Dharma-loving Hindus feel that the Government should take action against them to curb the tendency to spread Western ideology in time.