Ancient 300-year-old Shiva temple cited illegal and demolished in Rajasthan

Idols vandalised while Shivalinga cut with machine !

BJP accuses Congress Government while Congress accuses BJP-led Municipality of demolishing the temple

Alwar (Rajasthan) – A 300-year-old Shiva temple at Rajgad in Alwar District, was alleged to be unauthorised and its roof and walls were demolished. The Idols of Deities have been vandalised during the action while Shivalinga was cut with a stone-cutting machine. In all, three temples were demolished. The action was taken during the road-widening work. In addition, 85 shops and houses were also demolished. BJP has criticised the State Congress Government while Congress MLA Jauhari Lal has claimed that BJP-led Municipality was responsible for such an action.

           Editorial comment

  • Why the political parties and their leaders, who had rushed to stop action against the unauthorised constructions of Muslims at Jahangirpuri in Delhi, are keeping mum on the demolition of an ancient Hindu temple in a Congress-ruled State ?
  • Congress MLA Jauharilal Meena demands shifting of 34 BJP municipal corporators to Congress to stop the demolitions   

Out of 35 municipal corporators, 34 are of BJP. The local citizens met Meena in connection with the demolitions when he asked them not to complain to him since the municipality is ruled by BJP. He gave them the time limit of 24 hours to bring the 34 corporators to his house if they wanted to stop the demolitions; else he wouldn’t be able to do anything in the matter. A video of this meeting has gone viral on social media. The local ‘Braj Bhoomi Kalyan Parishad’ has lodged a complaint with the Police against MLA Meena, the District Collector, and the municipal officers.

Editorial comment

If such action was being taken because people didn’t vote for Congress, it is against the Constitution !


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