Muslims in India are being attacked by Hindus : Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Allegations from Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry over incidents of violence in India

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s foreign ministry has yet again spewed venom against India. The ministry said in a statement that in some cities in India, including the capital Delhi, the Muslim community is being attacked by Hindus and that the world should hold India accountable for human rights violations. Pakistan has issued the statement against the backdrop of attacks on Gudhipadwa, Shriramnavami, and Hanuman Jayanti processions in the last few days.

Pakistan claimed, ‘In the incident at Jahangirpuri in Delhi, an attempt was made to hoist a saffron flag at the mosque and objectionable slogans were raised. (Delhi Police Commissioner has already told a press conference that it was a rumour and completely false news. Yet, Pakistan is capitalising on this rumour ! – Editor) The Hindus were waving arms while the fasting Muslims were going for iftar. These incidents illustrate the anti-Muslim stance of Indian Governments.

Due to these incidents, India is rapidly heading toward being a Hindu Nation. Homes of Muslims were demolished in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The events in these States show how deeply rooted the ideology of Hindutva is in the Government of India and society. In India, on the other hand, action is being taken against Muslims as alleged rioters’.

Editorial comments

  • Pakistan’s hypocrisy ! The fact is, violence that took place in India in the last few days, has been carried out by religious fanatics against Hindus in Muslim-majority areas however, Pakistan is blaming Hindus for this, which shows how manipulative and clever Pakistan is !
  • The US State Department had made a statement on human rights in India. At that time, the Indian Foreign Minister had given them a befitting response. The Indian Government should immediately respond to Pakistan’s allegations and put them on the leash !
  • Hindu and Christian girls in Pakistan are abducted, forcibly converted, and married to Muslim youth; minorities are facing genocide, why Pakistan does not talk about it ?

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