Union Minister Pashupati Paras : Liquor is easily available even on dry days

Union Minister Pashupathi Paras

Patna (Bihar) – Liquor is being smuggled regularly in the State and illegal liquor is regularly confiscated. Pashupathi Paras, the Union Minister and the National President for the Rashtriya Lok Janashakti party have claimed, “Liquor is being sold freely and easily and nobody can claim ignorance about this.” Due to this accusation by the Minister, the facade of the ban on liquor in the State has come to light.

Paras also said that the main reason why alcoholics are arrested is due to the easy availability of illegal liquor. Police are also taking action against the Alcohol mafia that is participating in the illegal preparation and selling of alcohol. Nobody can say that “There is no alcohol in the State”. Illegal alcohol is easily available in the State and hence, many are regularly caught. The ban on alcohol is for the benefit of the citizens of the State, even after knowing this, there is a continuous sale of illegal liquor in the State.

Editorial comments

  • If the Union Minister says that liquor is easily available even on dry days, then the question arises as to what is the State Government doing about this ?
  • The many States of India have imposed a law banning cow slaughter; still, cows are being slaughtered and Beef is smuggled. Hence, the Government, administration and the Police are accountable for this situation.