Violence by religious fanatics in Vadodara (Gujarat) for trivial reasons 

Attacked temples and vandalised an Idol of Sai Baba 

Editorial comment

While BJP is ruling in Gujarat, Hindus feel that religious fanatics should not dare to attack Hindus. 

Crime scene

Vadodara (Gujarat) – After a two-wheeler accident in the Raopura area, religious fanatics attacked Hindus and vandalised a temple and the Idol of Sai Baba. More than ten vehicles were also destroyed. Four people were injured in the violence.

Police cordoned off the area and took control of the situation. Vadodara Police Commissioner Shamhar Singh has appealed to the people not to believe the rumours. On the day of Shriramnavami in Anand District, religious fanatics attacked the procession and resorted to violence. One Hindu was killed in the incident.

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