Chennai’s religious place Ayodhya Mandapam taken over by the Govt

The anti-Hindu decision by the Tamil Nadu Government

Objection by local citizens

Editorial comment

It is not surprising that such an incident has happened in Tamil Nadu where an anti-Hindu party like Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is in power ? Please note that this Government does not have the courage to take over a church and masjid. 

Chennai – The Charity Commission’s Department of the Tamil Nadu Government took under its control the Ayodhya Mandapam located in West Mambalam. This is a 64-year-old religious place also known as the Ayodhya Ashwamedha Maha Mandapam. The local citizens opposed the Government’s takeover of this religious place. To this effect, they even agitated. Some political parties supported the agitation. However, the Police arrested some people. The local BJP Corporator Usha Anandan participated in this agitation. Ayodhya Mandapam was looked after by Sri Rama Samaj.

The locals say that this religious place has been built through the contribution of local people. Every day religious programmes are conducted here, but it is not a temple. The locals allege that there is a large financial contribution by the devotees, which is why the Government took over the place.
The Tamil Nadu Government says that as there are offerings offered here, it falls under the temple category. Sri Rama Samaj says only photographs of Deities are worshipped here. There are no Idols here.

The Charity Commission says that there were complaints about the administration of this place. Hence, the takeover by the Government. (There are irregularities in the Waqf Board; will it be also taken over by the Government ? – Editor)

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