Air pollution cause of death of 13 individuals per minute

Air pollution is the main cause of death at the global level, and it accounts for the death of more than 70 lakh people every year !

Editorial comment

Science is proving to be destructive for mankind rather than being useful ! Please note that achieving worldly progress based on the principles of Sanatan Dharma is the only solution to this terrifying global problem !

Geneva (Switzerland) – Air pollution is rapidly increasing globally, causing very serious diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases, paralytic stroke, etc. Thirteen people are dying every minute due to this problem as per the shocking tweet of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The air pollution is caused due to burning of oil, coal, and natural gas; therefore, WHO has warned to immediately stop their use.

Air pollution has to be reduced ! – WHO

We experienced during the coronavirus pandemic how weak our lungs are. Coronavirus disease was related to breathing and lungs. People had to fight hard with coronavirus if their lungs were weak; therefore, air pollution will have to be reduced for protection from various diseases.

Shocking statistics of air pollution at the global level !

  • Air pollution is the main cause of death in the world !
  • More than 70 lakh people die due to exposure to outdoor or ambient air pollution !
  • 91% population of the world lives in areas where the level of air pollution is very high ! These areas are parts of the developing countries !
  • The smoke emitted by cooking gas leads to the untimely death of 38 lakh people every year !