Invaluable gift from Sanatan Sanstha for devotees of Deity Hanuman

Maruti (Booklet)

  • Mission and characteristics of Deity Maruti
  • Why is Deity Maruti smeared with shendur ?
  • Why are leaves of Rui and oil offered to Deity Maruti & why should we take oil from home ?
  • Importance of worshipping Deity Maruti to get rid of negative energies
  • Why is Deity Maruti called Hanumanji ?
  • To get answers to questions that may arise in your mind, read this Booklet !
  • To create a protective sheath around yourself with the grace of Hanumanji, regularly read : Shriramraksha-stotra and Maruti-stotra (With meaning)
  • Audio CD of the chant and on the worship of Deity Maruti is also available !

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