Why does Twitter not take any action against accounts which Tweet objectionable matter on Hindu Deities ? : Delhi High Court’s livid question

Wither Twitter !

New Delhi – Delhi High Court put a livid question to Twitter’s management on why is it not taking any action against accounts which spread objectionable matter about Hindu Deities when it can object and close down the account of former US President Donald Trump. Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla of the Bench of Delhi High Court said while slamming Twitter – ‘Twitter takes action only against matter which it thinks is sensitive, and takes no action against such accounts which insult Hindu Dharma. It is quite disgusting’. The Court has also told Twitter that if anyone Tweets objectionable matter on the religious sentiments of other religions, Twitter would takes it seriously.

The High Court has asked Twitter to submit its policy on permanently closing accounts on Twitter. The Court has also directed the Central Government to determine the procedure for closing accounts on Twitter.