Imran Khan should leave Pakistan and go to India : Opposition Party leader Mariam Nawaz

Pakistani PM Imran Khan praises India

Leader of Opposition Party Mariam Nawaz and Pakistani PM Imran Khan

Islamabad (Pakistan) – On 8th April, Pakistani PM Imran Khan praised India while addressing the country. On this, the leader of the ‘Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’ Mariam Nawaz advised him, “If you like India so much, leave Pakistan and go to India.” Imran Khan was speaking a day before the no-confidence motion on his Government.

Mariam said that someone should tell this person, who has gone mad due to losing the chair, that he has been removed by his own party. The one who is singing the praise of India should note that in India, the no-confidence motion has been passed against various Prime Ministers about 27 times, but no one compromised with the Constitution, democratic values or its principles. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former PM of India, lost the election by one vote and went back home. He did not sell away the country and the Constitution like you did.

People in India are honest – Imran Khan

No European Ambassador dares to tell India how their approach towards Russia should be. Indian citizens are very honest and have self-respect.