Global food prices hit their highest recorded levels

The consequence of the Russia – Ukraine conflict

Moscow / Kyiv (Russia -Ukraine) – A United Nations agency says the war between Russia and Ukraine, sent food commodity prices soaring in March to the highest levels it has ever recorded. According to the UN’s ‘Food and Agricultural Organisation’ published on 8th April 22, the Monthly Price Index says Cooking-Oil, grains and meats have reached an all-time high. The export-import activity from the Ukrainian ports has stopped due to the war.  It lead to a 17% rise in the price of food grains last month. In March, there was a 19.7% increase in the price of wheat worldwide, while corn recorded a rise of 19.1%. Millet and Maize too recorded a stupendous rise in prices.

There is a possibility of worse conditions in the poorer countries

The spokesperson of the ‘Food and Agriculture Organisation’ said ‘This tremendous price rise is a point of worry for the countries which are already facing conflicts, natural disasters, economic issues and various other problems’. He added countries that have a shortfall in food products will find it difficult to pay these high prices. This can affect the health of its citizens too.

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