A Hindu youth injured in attack by religious fanatics at Shivamogga (Karnataka)

Six religious fanatics including Tauseef attack a Hindu youth with sharp weapons !

The second similar incident in a 1-1/2 months span !

Religious fanatics had killed a Bajrang Dal activist named Harsha on the 20th of February ! 

Editorial comment

How can religious fanatics dare to attack Hindus despite BJP’s Government ruling in Karnataka ? Hindus expect the State Government to take stern action against the culprits !

Shivamogga (Karnataka) – A 22-year-old Hindu youth named Madhu was brutally attacked, with sharp weapons, by 6 religious fanatics in the New Mandali area. He has been seriously injured in the attack. Madhu is a flower vendor. About 1-1/2 months ago, on the 20th of February, the religious fanatics had attacked and killed a Bajrang Dal activist named Harsha. He had opposed fanatic girl students’ demand of wearing hijab in college.

In the present incident, Lakshmi Prasad, the Superintendent of Police (SP) said that a few days ago, Madhu had opposed Tauseef and his gang from smoking cannabis in a public place and had even lodged a complaint against them with the Police. The SP thought that it could be the reason for Tauseef and the other 5 religious fanatics’ attack on Madhu.

It was learnt from the sources that Madhu suffered from a kidney problem. He had undergone surgery in this connection only a few weeks ago. The attackers have stabbed him in that area only. Madhu ran away from the place of the incident on his bike and went to the local hospital. As per the information given by a local reporter named Chiru Bhat, the attackers had a big sword. Four persons have been taken into custody so far, in this context.

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