Now, it’s the Ukrainians that are calling it even by crucifying Russian soldiers

Kyiv (Ukraine) – After the brutal killing of Ukrainian civilians in the city of Bucha by the Russian Army, Ukrainian Army has retaliated befittingly. The video of Ukrainian soldiers, ruthlessly killing the Russian prisoners of war who were captured in a town near Kyiv, is already going viral on the internet.

The Ukraine-Russia war may last for years !

Secretary-General of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), Jens Stoltenberg has commented that the Ukraine-Russia war may last for several months or years, with that being said, NATO nations must continue helping Ukraine in every possible way.

Ukraine can win the war ! – US

Credit : Reuters

John Kirby, the Press Secretary of the United States Department of Defence or the Pentagon said, there is every possibility of Ukraine winning the war against Russia. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has failed in his strategies.

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