Attack by religious fanatics on Gudhipadwa procession was pre-planned 

Editorial comments

  • What are the secularists going to say about attacks on Hindus’ religious processions from the places of worship of religious fanatics in a Congress-led State ?
  • Has such stock ever been found in Hindus’ temples or terraces of Hindus’ houses ? Or have you ever heard about attacks on non-Hindus from such places of Hindus  ?

Karauli (Rajasthan) – The religious fanatics living in the Muslim-majority area had attacked a two-wheeler procession taken out by Hindus on the day of Gudhipadwa. It has been brought to light that a large stockpile of stones was collected and stocked in mosques and on terraces of houses in the area, in preparation to carry out such an attack.

The Police have arrested 46 people so far in connection with this attack. A case has been filed against Matalub Ahmad, the local Congress Municipal Corporator and a search is on to find him. Curfew has been imposed in the area till the 7th of April 2022.