Animals should be stunned before slaughtering them : Karnataka Govt

This will indirectly impose a ban on Halal meat !

Editorial comment

Hindus feel that all the States, especially BJP-led States, should issue similar order !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka State’s Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department has issued an order to all slaughterhouses, on the procedure to be followed before slaughtering the animals. The order says that the animal should not be conscious when it is slaughtered, but it would be necessary to make it unconscious. The animal is either hit on the head or given a shock to make it unconscious. Presently, Halal meat is being opposed in the State. Therefore, this order has, become significant. Ramzan month has also begun now. Muslims kill an animal by cutting off its vein near its neck, leading to heavy bleeding, and death. However, this causes severe pain to the animal. This method of killing would be banned as a result of the order.

After the order, Bengaluru Municipal Corporation has said that while granting a licence to a slaughterhouse or a meat shop, it will be checked whether it has necessary provision for slaughtering the animals after stunning them.

Congress opposes the order !

Karnataka Congress chief D K Shivakumar has said in his appeal to people regarding the order issued by the Animal Husbandry Department that they should not be afraid. People can contact him in case of any problem so that he would send his activists. He also said that he was quite surprised by such an order. The way people have been slaughtering animals so far should be continued.

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