No-confidence motion dismissed against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

  • Pakistan’s Parliament dissolved : Elections in 90 days
  • Deputy Speaker dismissed voting on the resolution
  • Petition filed in the Supreme Court against the dismissal of the resolution

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Deputy speaker has dismissed a no-confidence motion taken by the opposition on April 3rd in Pakistan Parliament against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qasim Khan Suri dismissed the resolution by quoting it as a foreign conspiracy. He did not allow the vote to take place and further adjourned Parliament till 25th April. Prime Minister Imran Khan then requested the President to dissolve Parliament. The President granted Khan’s request, dissolved Parliament and ordered a general election within 90 days. Until then, Prime Minister Imran Khan will be the acting Prime Minister.

After the dismissal of the resolution, the opposition protested vociferously in Parliament. After the ruling party members walked out of the Parliament house, the Opposition resumed its work. They elected one of the members as the Speaker and voted on the no-confidence motion. Further, passed the resolution. Opposition party members stated that they will challenge the Deputy Speaker’s ruling of dismissing the resolution.

I congratulate the people and thank Allah – Imran Khan

President Imran Khan while addressing the nation after the dismissal of the no-confidence motion, said that there was a conspiracy taking place in front of all the people. The traitors were sitting and conspiracies were being hatched. I want to convey to them that Allah is watching over the people. The people will not allow such a conspiracy to succeed. Deputy Speaker today has exercised the power to make decisions. Since then, I have just sent instructions to the President to dissolve the Parliament house.

In a democratic society, we should go to people and people decide the result of the election. Also, the future of the country cannot be decided on the strength of money. All their money will waste. The people have taken this decision. I tell the people today that prepare for the election and you are the one to decide. I congratulate the people and thank Allah that such a big conspiracy was unearthed. Today an attempt made to overthrow the Government elected by the people has failed.

Violation of the Constitution – Shehbaz Sharif

Leader of the Opposition and Prime Ministerial candidate Shahbaz Sharif has said that not taking votes in Parliament against the no-confidence motion is a violation of the Constitution.

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