Three-headed Vishnu Idol recovered from Jhelum river in Kashmir

Srinagar (Kashmir) – An ancient three-headed Idol of Shri Vishnu was recovered from the river Jhelum in the Kakapora area of Pulwama District in South Kashmir. This Idol had three heads of – Vishnu, Varaha, and Narasimha.

This Idol was found by some labourers during sand extraction. The Idol was taken under possession by Pulwama Police and was later handed over to the Directorate of Archives, Archaeology, and Museums of Jammu and Kashmir. PM Modi has ordered the preservation and restoration of Hindu temples in Kashmir before they perish.

Credit : OpIndia

This is an Idol from the 9th century – Archaeology Dept

Mushtaq Ahmad, the Deputy Director of the Department of Archives, Archaeology, and Museums of Jammu and Kashmir said that the Idol is a unique three-headed Shri Vishnu Idol of the ninth century. “It is a green stone Idol which is very rare and its art is highly decorated. However, a few parts of the Idol are missing,” Mushtaq added.

The Idol of Shri Durgadevi was found too, in the Jhelum river in September 2021

Last year in September, a 1200-year-old Idol of Shri Durgadevi was found in Jammu and Kashmir by the local Police. The Idol was found from the Jhelum river in Budgam District’s Khan Sahib area as some labourers were mining sand from the river bed.