Chinese workers in Pakistan trafficking Christian and Muslim girls

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The work of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has started. Different projects are being carried out by China on this route. For this purpose, many Chinese workers have come to Pakistan. During this period, it has been observed that a lot of young girls in Pakistan, especially Christian girls, have become a victim of smuggling and are sent to China. The workers marry Pakistani girls by trapping them in love and take them to China. For this, they spend Rs 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

Recently, restrictions have been imposed under Sharia law on Muslim girls marrying non-Muslim men in Pakistan. This created a problem for the Chinese who came to marry the Muslim girls in Pakistan. In such a situation, Christian girls became their target. According to Christian activists, 750 to 1,000 girls are being bought and taken away from Gujranwala in Punjab every year. The girls sold do not know the Chinese language. They don’t even have any idea about Chinese culture. The report cites several instances of abuse, domestic violence and forced motherhood from these girls. It has been even said that the girls are murdered and their organs are sold.

There is a shortage of brides in the villages of China due to the one-child policy. For decades, couples preferred boys, while killing the girl in the womb. For this reason, it is rare to find a bride in China.

The Pakistani Police take action against the local people involved in human trafficking, but do not muster the courage to do anything against the Chinese. The relations of the Pakistan Government with China are said to be the main reason behind this.