Pakistan : Three female Madarasa teachers kill female colleague over allegation of committing blasphemy in dream 

(Blasphemy is an action or offensive speaking which insults God or sacred things)

Editorial comment

The Muslim women in Pakistan take the law in hand against those who insult their places of worship even in dreams; as opposed to the born-Hindus, who insult their Deities with their eyes wide open !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – At Dera Ismail Khan, three female teachers slit the throat of a female colleague over an allegation of committing blasphemy in a dream. The three teachers were arrested by the Police.

  1. ‘A 13-year-old girl had a dream in which she saw the blasphemy committed by a teacher. In the dream, she was ordered to kill that teacher, the Police officer said. When she told this dream to a teacher who is her relative, she killed her colleague with the help of other teachers.
  2. According to Police, the deceased woman was a follower of religious leader Maulana Tariq Jameel, who was not liked by the accused. The accused women belonged to the Mahsud tribe living in the South Waziristan tribal District.

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