Muslim shopkeepers banned in annual festivals of several temples in Karnataka !

The decision came in the backdrop of the Muslim community’s opposition to the Karnataka High Court’s verdict to ban the hijab

Editorial comment

Now the talks of how majority Hindu society is doing injustice to minority communities will start popping up, but the so-called secularists will not even utter a word about the anti-judicial stance of the minority community !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – An annual festival has been organised from 20th April at Mahalingeshwar Temple in Putturu, Karnataka. Temple land will be auctioned for shops to be set up in this festival. Organisers have barred Muslims from participating in the auction. Only Hindus are allowed to bid. Karnataka High Court had given a verdict that girls are not allowed to wear hijab in colleges. Following this, Muslim organisations called for a Bandh. At that time, Muslim shopkeepers also shut their shops in the vicinity of temples. Therefore, Hindu organisations have demanded that temples should not allow them to set up shops in the annual festival.

1. In the South Kannada District, hoarding of the Bappanadui Sri Durgapameshwari temple’s annual festivities stated, ‘People who don’t respect the law of the land and who kill the cows that we pray and who are against the unity will not be allowed to do business. We will not allow them to do business. Hindu is aware’.

2. Mangaluru City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, ‘We are finding out who installed these flexes. If the civic agency is ready to file a complaint, we will consult our legal team and take action accordingly’.

Government should take action against those who act against the Constitution – Congress leader Siddaramaiah

Editorial comment

Is it not anti-Constitutional to observe bandh against the decision of the Karnataka High Court ? Or are religious fanatics allowed to do so ? Why doesn’t Siddaramaiah talk about this ?

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah has called the matter reprehensible. ‘The State Government should take stern action against those who act against the Constitution’, he said.