Now ‘The Kerala Story’ will be produced after ‘The Kashmir Files’

Editorial comment

The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ has now started to unravel the suppressed historical facts before the nation. The attempt to do justice to Hindus by bringing the entire history in the light is the change as per times only.  

(Left) Film producer Vipul Shah 

Mumbai –  Film producer Vipul Shah will produce a film on a heartbreaking and true story ‘The Kerala Story’ after ‘The Kashmir Files’ has proved a box office hit. Most people are still unaware of this truth. Actually, this film of Vipul Shah is the story of the disappearance of 32 thousand girls, who never returned to their homes.

Thousands of girls smuggled for ‘Islamic Sate’ in last 10 years

Makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ have released a short teaser of this film on YouTube and other social media platforms.  In this teaser video, we can see that initially the time is being shown on the digital clock. Starting at 11.56 in the night, this clock stops at 12.01. After the clock stops, it is being written in the video that how do you feel if your daughter does not return home till late at night? Thousands of girls have gone missing in Kerala and never came back home in the last 12 years. It is further written in the video that thousands of girls have been trafficked to ISIS and other Islamic war zones for the last 10 years. After the name of the film, it has been written at the end of the video that this story is the true story of 32 thousand girls.

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