Thirty Hindu families flee, as action is taken against Hindus, though Hindus were attacked by religious fanatics during Holi

An incident of Allapur Bhogi Village in Budaun (UP)

Editorial comments

  • Despite the BJP Government in UP, Hindus do not expect such injustice towards them. After proper enquiry of the incident, Hindus expect CM Yogi Adityanath to give them protection.
  • Is this village in India or Pakistan ? The Government should take strict action against the culprits.

Budaun (UP) – In Allapur Bhogi Village, Hindus were attacked by religious fanatics on Holi over a dispute about stopping the DJ from being played. One Police officer and nine others got injured in the incident. Acting on Sarpanch Begum Zainab’s complaint, the Police registered a case against 17 people and arrested them. Thirty Hindu families have fled the Village as the Police are taking action only against the Hindus.

1. Shab-e-baaraat a Muslim festival was observed on the day of Holi. In the afternoon, Hindus were celebrating Holi and playing music on the DJ. Muslims were going to their burial place, they asked to stop playing the DJ. As the Hindus refused, they were attacked.

2. Rizwan, the husband of Sarpanch Zainab, alleged that the violence started when former Sarpanch Wali Mohammad incited Hindus. Police arrested 17 people including Wali Mohammad.

3. Hindus allege that 150 religious fanatics like Rizwan, Guddu and others attacked Hindus but no complaint was filed against them. Police are harassing Hindus. That is the reason Hindus are fleeing from the Village.

4. Deputy Superintendent of Police O.P. Singh said that if the news of Hindus fleeing was true, they would be given protection. (If the Police do not know whether Hindus are fleeing or not, then it is a shame on them – Editor)