India’s stand about Russia-Ukraine war ‘shaky’ : Joe Biden

Editorial Comment 

It is up to India to decide what role it should play on an issue. India should firmly tell Biden that India has never encouraged someone to initiate a fight and then leave them to die. When the actual war breaks out, backing off without helping them has never been India’s policy.

Credit : Repubic tv

Washington (USA) – In the Russia-Ukraine war, there has been a united front throughout NATO and the Pacific region.  While reacting to India’s stand, Biden said in the Quad, India is somewhat shaky but Japan and Australia have been extremely strong. Due to the war, many countries along with the USA have imposed sanctions on Russia, however, India has not imposed any sanctions on Russia and Indian oil refineries continued to buy oil from Russia at discounted rates.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed that he understands and supports India’s position on the Russia-Ukraine war issue. Morrison and PM Narendra Modi both felt that the conflict should not be a reason for diverting attention from the Indo-Pacific region.