Hang me if I am found responsible for the Kashmiri Pandit genocide : Farooq Abdullah

Editorial comment

Farooq Abdullah is trying to get sympathy by making such statements. The people now know who is responsible for the atrocities committed against the Hindus. Hence, the Central Government should now investigate the atrocities and bring the facts into the limelight. Those accountable should be given a death penalty.

New Delhi – ‘The truth will come out when you put an honest Judge or Committee to investigate the case. You will come to know who is responsible.  If Farooq Abdullah is responsible, Farooq Abdullah is ready to be hanged anywhere in the country. I’m ready to stand that trial but don’t blame people who aren’t responsible,’ said ‘National Conference Party’ leader and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah in a special interview given to the periodical ‘India Today’. In 1989, when the Kashmiri Hindus were attacked, Farooq Abdullah was the Chief Minister

Farooq Abdullah further said,

  1. I do not think that I am responsible for the atrocities that happened. If people want to know the bitter truth about what truly happened at that time, then they should speak to either the then chief of the RAW or the Governor of Kerela Arif Muhammad Khan who was then a Minister at the Centre.
  2. In the 90s, the Hindus were not the only ones who were terrorised, what happened to Muslims and Sikhs at that time ? The situation was so severe that my MLAs, Ministers and workers were clearing and picking up the body parts of these people.

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