Action by District administration at Raisen (MP) : Demolished illegal construction of religious fanatics who attacked Hindus on Holi festival

Editorial comments

  • If these religious fanatics had not attacked Hindus, can it be concluded that the action would not have been taken against their illegal construction ?
  • Was the administration asleep while such illegal constructions were built ? How many more such illegal constructions have been built by religious fanatics, will the Madhya Pradesh Government find out and take action against them ?

Raisen (MP) – A tribal Hindu was killed and more than 50 others were injured in an attack by religious fanatics on tribal Hindus on the day of the Holi festival in Khamaria village. After this, the administration has now started taking action against the accused religious fanatics for illegal construction. The District administration, with the help of the Forest Department, has bulldozed the illegal structures of the accused, demolished them, and confiscated valuable timber. Out of the total 16 accused, 13 have been arrested. (Hindus expect the Government should strive for the death penalty to these religious fanatics – Editor).

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