Stones pelted at people celebrating the festival of colours at Namaz time in Uttar Pradesh

Editorial comment 

Hindus do not expect that religious fanatics would dare to pelt stones at Hindus celebrating their festival in the BJP-ruled UP ! The Government should take stringent action against such people ! 

Amroha (UP) – On 18th March, the day of ‘Dhulivandan’, people were playing with colours in the background of music played by DJ but religious fanatics pelted stones at them. The fanatics pelted stones as it was their namaz-time and still, the music was on. The Police have arrested three persons pelting stones; however, a few others ran away. The Police are trying to search for those people with the help of a video recording. Two persons were injured in the stone-pelting and were admitted to a hospital for treatment.

In this area, there is a Hindu temple and a Dharmashala  and a mosque is located close by. Around 1.30 p.m. at namaz-time, Hindus were playing with colours and music was on. Muslims asked them to switch off the music; but Hindus playing ‘Holi’ with colours refused to do so, leading to a brawl between them. Later, the religious fanatics started pelting stones from their house rooftops.