Muslims must ensure that minorities in Assam do not face the fate of Kashmiri Pandits : CM Himanta Sarma

Editorial Comment

It is a shame for all Hindus that a Hindu CM of a Hindu State has to plead for assurance. This situation explains how important it is to establish the Hindu Nation.

Guwahati (Assam) –  Rejecting the claims of the Muslim community in Assam that they are a minority community, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Muslims are not the minority but have become the largest community in the State. The CM said that with 35% of the population, it is their responsibility to ensure communal harmony and allay the fears of minority communities like Brahmans and Tribal communities in the State. In his detailed address in the Assam Assembly, Sarma said, “Today people from Muslim community are leaders in opposition, MLAs and have equal opportunity and wield power. So, it is their duty to ensure that rights of Tribal people are protected and their lands are not encroached upon”.

He added

  1. “Power comes with responsibility, and since Muslims are 35% of the population, Muslims should realise that the State’s progress is inextricably related to their actions, and they should try to reduce the State’s difficulties by focusing on poverty alleviation, population control and other issues. They should stop thinking of themselves as ‘outsiders’ and concentrate on communal integration and harmony”.
  2. Inviting Muslims for sharing equal responsibility in the protection of cultural diversity, he added, “The Assamese people are under fear. There is fear that culture and civilization will be protected. Harmony is two-way traffic. Let Muslims talk about the protection of Sanskari culture, Kshatriya culture. There will be harmony. Ten years back, we were not minorities but now we are”.
  3. CM Himanta Biswa Sarma also took cognizance of the recently released film ‘The Kashmir Files’ in his detailed speech. He said, “People ask me if Assamese people will face the same fate as Kashmiri Pandits. Ten years down the line will Assam be like it is shown in the Bollywood film Kashmir Files. It is the duty of Muslims to allay our fears. Muslims must behave like a majority and give us assurance that there will be no repeat of Kashmir here”.