Attempts to divide Hindus : Annual report of RSS

A conspiracy to infiltrate the Government offices by a ‘particular community’

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The challenge of increasing divisive elements in the country is alarming. As the census year approaches, there are instances of inciting a group by propagating that ‘they are not Hindus’, states the annual report presented at the Sangh’s apex body ‘Pratinidhi Sabha’s annual three-day meeting. Religious fanaticism and acts of communal hysteria are being spread in the country under the cover of the Constitution and religious freedom, the RSS said in its annual report while cautioning against ‘plans’ by a particular community to enter the Government machinery for furthering its ‘malicious’ agenda. An appeal has been made stating that it should be faced by making society aware.

Terming religious fanaticism as a serious challenge, it referred to the recent killing of workers of Hindu organisations in Karnataka during the Hijab controversy and in Kerala.

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