China’s mouthpiece throws tantrums on Minister of External Affairs Jaishankar’s comments on China

Editorial Comment

The whole world knows how badly China has been behaving with India. Hence, the Indian Government should now ‘educate’ China on what India can do and demonstrate its might!

New Delhi – External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2022 – “India’s relations with China went through a very difficult phase after Beijing violated border agreements. We had agreements with China not to bring military forces to what we call the border, but it’s Line of Actual Control, and the Chinese violated those agreements”.

China was quick to express its utter displeasure with India for this comment through its official mouth-piece – Global Times, which added –

1. Bilateral issues must be discussed between the two parties where their representatives can put forth their demands and the concerns. It’s the most effective way to resolve any bilateral issue. (China has never done this itself, but it freely gives unsolicited advice ! – Editor)

2. According to Dr Lan Jianxue, Director, Department for Asia-Pacific Studies, China Institute of International Studies, India can seek support of the international forum to resolve its border issues with neighbouring countries including China. India is deliberately trying to bring this bilateral issue with China to the international forum to get assistance from the US.

3. India has shown no intent to compromise or negotiate with China to improve the strained relations.