Canada will ban Nazi Hooked Cross, not Swastik !

Impact of collective opposition of Hindus !

Ottawa (Canada) – A private Bill seeking a ban on Swastik in Canada will now be amended. The Bill would use the word ‘Nazi Hooked Cross’ instead of ‘Swastik’. The Canadian Parliament has approved the change. Peter Julian, an MP from the New Democratic Party of Canada, made the announcement. The change came after protests from Hindus in Canada and around the world. An organisation called Hindu Federation had also staged protests in Canada.

Once the Bill gets passed, it would enforce a ban on the sale and display of the ‘Nazi Hooked Cross’ in Canada. A few weeks ago, the Nazi cross was used in a protest by truckers in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Following this, the Bill was introduced.

MP Peter Julian said, ‘I know that the Swastik has an important place among Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions. We will not seek any restrictions on the religious, educational, and historical use of the Swastik symbol in this Bill’.

Speaking in Parliament, Liberal Party MP Chandra Arya said ‘There was anger among Hindus over the Bill seeking a ban on Swastik. Hindu Swastik means sacred symbol. It is different from the German Hooked Cross. It is inappropriate to call Hooked Cross a Swastik’.

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