Ukraine Orthodox Church opposes Russian attack

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Ukraine Orthodox Church has opposed the Russian attack on Ukraine. Putin is justifying the attack by giving the reference of Zelenskyy being Jew to the Russian Orthodox Church. Ukraine and Russia both follow the Russian Orthodox Church, however, the Ukrainian Church has memories of the repression of communist Governments in the Soviet era. They did not have religious freedom then. Now Russia’s attack reminds them of the past.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine freed itself in 2019 by splitting from the Russian Orthodox Church. Now the Church of Ukraine gets financial and other help from Western countries including the US, which is not acceptable to Russia.

5,300 Russian soldiers killed – Claims Ukraine

Today is the 7th day of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Ukraine claims that around 5,300 Russian soldiers have been killed in the fighting so far. Ukraine’s Army has destroyed 151 tanks, 29 aeroplanes and 29 helicopters of Russia.  On the other side, the United Nations Human Rights office has given the information that 94 people died and 376 civilians were injured in Ukraine.