Even paid drinking water scarcity due to the conflict situation in Ukraine

Information given by students from Aurangabad who are stuck in Ukraine

Editorial comment

A similar situation could arise in India too after World War III erupts in the future ! In order to get divine protection in such a situation, it is necessary to perform spiritual practice !

Aurangabad (Maharashtra) – Students from Aurangabad, who are stranded in Ukraine, gave information about the local situation to the correspondent of ‘Divya Marathi’ over the phone. They said, ‘We have been told by the local Ukrainian authorities not to leave our homes, or wait at airports or railway stations. There is an atmosphere of tension everywhere. One has to buy water here. There is a big crowd for it since morning.

There are water stations that supply drinking water. The water in it has run out due to the high demand. At present, even water has become unavailable here’. Bhumika Shardul and Shrutika Chavan live in Labib, in western Ukraine, where they are studying medicine. When contacted, they gave the above information. The duo had booked a plane ticket to return to India; however, due to the closure of the airspace, they are still stuck there.

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