The Russian military is on the borders of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine continues

Russia would any moment take control of Kyiv

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Russia’s military action against Ukraine, which started on 24th February, was declared as a war by Russian President Vladimir Putin, on 25th February. Russian forces have targeted almost all the major cities of Ukraine. Russian troops have entered Ukraine from the Belarus border, just 10 km from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

At any moment, Russia would take control of the capital Kyiv. Russia has invaded Ukraine by land, sea and air. As many as 1,00,000 Russian troops have entered Ukraine. Russia’s military has already taken control of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine. During the Soviet era, thousands had died in a gas leak from this plant, which is currently closed. Russia is striking Ukraine with missiles and rockets and is also targeting civilian settlements. At least 137 casualties have been reported in Ukraine so far due to Russia’s attacks. Some buildings are severely damaged. Citizens have sought refuge in bunkers and underground metro stations as a result of these attacks.

Ready for talks if Ukraine lays down arms – Russia

In the wake of Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, if Ukraine lays down its arms, we are ready for talks.  We do not want the Nazis to rule Ukraine, he said.

After Russia called the Ukrainian Government ‘Nazi’, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy retorted, ‘when I am a Jew, how can I be a Nazi ? ‘