Religious fanatic cow smugglers attack Gou-rakshaks trying to stop cow smuggling

  • Attack on Gou-rakshaks who took shelter in Hanuman Temple
  • Devout Hindu activists were beaten up by the Police
Editorial Comments

  • Since the Telangana Rashtra Samiti Government of Telangana is anti-Hindu, it should not be a surprise if the Gou-rakshaks are attacked by religious fanatics.
  • The Police beat up pro-Hindu activists demanding action against cow smugglers instead of taking action against religious fanatic cow smugglers. Are these Policemen from India or Pakistan ?

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Religious fanatic cow smugglers attacked the Gou-rakshaks who tried to stop Cow smuggling in Hyderabad. After that, the Gou-rakshaks took refuge in a temple to protect themselves from the attack, but Cow smugglers entered the temple and attacked the Gou-rakshaks in the temple. After this information spread on social media, activists from pro-Hindu organisations reached the spot and demanded immediate arrest of the Cow smugglers.

  1. On 22nd February, the activists of Gou-rakshak Dal got information that Cow-smuggling is going on in the Meerpet area of ​​Karmanghat in Hyderabad.
  2. They chased a particular vehicle smuggling cattle and heading towards the slaughterhouse.
  3. When they tried to stop the vehicle transporting the cattle, the Cow smugglers attacked them with knives and iron rods. On being attacked, they took refuge in a nearby Temple.
  4. Cow smugglers entered the Hanuman Temple and attacked the Gou-rakshaks taking refuge there, and also vandalised their vehicle.
  5. When this news spread on social media, BJP and other pro-Hindu organisations reached the spot. Then the cow smugglers took the cows and fled. The pro-Hindu activists demanded the arrest of Cow smugglers, however, due to Police thrashing the pro-Hindu activists, the situation became tense.

We will dig the grave of brutal and sadistic Jihadis – VHP

Reacting to the Hyderabad incident, VHP Central General Secretary General Milind Parande said, ” Those who practise the Jihadist decree of ‘wajib-ul-qatl’ (‘deserving death’) on Hindus committed and dedicated to protecting cow progeny and also protecting Dharma and those who support these Jihadists to intimidate Hindus have to understand that if they don’t stop their evil moves, Hindu youths will come on the streets to preserve, protect and promote the interests of the national society and the Mrityunjayi nation.

The graves of the brutal and sadistic Jihadis will now be dug in Bharat itself. We express our concern towards the victims’ families and resolute to help them.”