The construction of ‘Yajnashala’ undertaken by Lakshmibai College of Delhi University in full swing

  • Yajna (Sacrificial Fire) for purifying the environment
  • An environment like Shrikrushna’s Gokul developed in the college
  • Commendable project to stop increasing air pollution in Delhi
Lakshmibai College

New Delhi – University of Delhi’s Lakshmibai College has decided to set up a ‘Yajnashala’ to solve the increasing air pollution in the country’s capital Delhi. The college premises are developed on the lines of a village named Gokul. The work of the ‘Yajnashala’ is progressing fast.

‘Yajnashala’ built in Lakshmibai College

While introducing this unique project, the Principal of the College, Pratyush Vatsala said,

The Principal of the College, Pratyush Vatsala
  • This ‘Yajnashala’ will commence its yajna/havans in the month of Chaitra (Lunar calendar). Yajnas will be done on various occasions for purifying the air.

    Lakshmibai College University Of Delhi Department of Environmental Sciences (Click on image)
  • The holistic site of Gokul envisages a swing, a hut, a pond, a temple. It also has an Eco-Park, the first of its kind on the campus. The Eco-Park is the home for many ducks and rabbits. This environment will be conducive to connecting students and employees to village culture and to instil a sense of respect in their hearts for villages.
    Education, culture and sanskars will be imparted to students here. Once they enter college, they will experience peace of mind forgetting their worries and tension.
  • We are also planning to do yajna on the birthday of every student, which will also purify the environment.

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