India dismisses OIC’s ‘motivated and misleading’ statement on Hijab Issue

Editorial comment

India should firmly tell organisations like OIC not to interfere in the internal affairs of India. Why does OIC not see the daily persecution of Hindus going in Pakistan ? Where was OIC when the genocide of Hindus took place in Kashmir ? Why does it not say anything over this ?

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – The Union Government described the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) remarks on the ongoing Hijab controversy in Karnataka as ‘motivated and misleading,’ adding that the 57-member bloc is being ‘misused by vested interests’ for the latter’s anti-India agenda.

“We have noted yet another motivated and misleading statement from the General Secretariat of the OIC on matters pertaining to India. Issues in India are considered and resolved in accordance with our constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as democratic ethos and polity,” Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs noted in a statement.

“The OIC General Secretariat calls upon the international community, especially the UN mechanisms and Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council, to take necessary measures in this regard,” it posted on Twitter.

“The OIC General Secretariat further urges once again India to ensure the safety, security & wellbeing of the Muslim community while protecting the way of life of its members & to bring the instigators & perpetrators of acts of violence and hate crimes against them to justice,” it said in a subsequent tweet.