World-famous Nalanda University becomes the centre of attraction for the people

Patliputra – Bihar’s Nalanda University was the first University in the world. It was once the centre of knowledge for the entire world. This University was established during Gupta Dynasty in the 5th century. Students from all over the world came there to learn. In 1193 AD, Islamic invaders destroyed it.

Now it is being reconstituted. Therefore, this transformation of the university has become the centre of attraction of the people. The ancient Nalanda University had 52 lakes. Those lakes and the University are considered coeval. The teachers and the students at the University used the lakes.

Apart from this, the villagers used the water for daily work and irrigation of agriculture. Back then, the lakes were the main source of rainwater harvesting. Some remnants of this university have remained. The present Nitish Kumar Government decided to transform it and now it has taken a new form and is ready for knowledge acquisition.