Over 2,439 women raped in Pakistan’s Punjab Province in the last 6 months

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  • Pakistan makes so much fuss when girls are banned from wearing hijab in college in Karnataka. However, stays mum when atrocities on women are rampant in one of Pakistan’s own Province. This shows Pakistan’s hypocrisy.
  • Why are none of the women organisations, The Commission on the Status of Women or a women leader from India talking about the plight of Pakistani women ?

Lahore (Pakistan) – Punjab Information Commission revealed that over 2,439 women were raped and 90 killed in Pakistan’s Punjab Province in the last 6 months. The report states that the conviction rate is less than 1%. According to a Human Rights report, 11 incidents of rape occur in Pakistan every day.

In the last six months, 400 women were reported to be raped in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province. More than 2,300 women were kidnapped.

In the six years from 2015 to 2021, 22,000 cases of rape and kidnapping were registered with the Police. Out of these 22,000 cases, the accused were convicted only in 77 cases.

According to Prof. Nida Kirmani of Lahore University of Management Sciences, in Pakistan, victims (not the perpetrators) of sexual harassment are considered guilty.

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